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Originally Posted by ravin View Post
Can the stickies above my post be cleaned up a bit? Maybe create one sticky thread with links to all of the above stickies. Also, clear out ones with outdated information. Not so bad when looking at the forums on a computer, but on a cell phone, it's an awful lot to scroll through.
There is in fact already an Academy Index sticky in the list. The problem is, even if it was the only sticky there, people being people, largely wouldn't think to look at it first if they have a question.

Even though the list is long, I think it's still better than having a single link because people don't like clicking multiple times to get to the topic they want and while it being so long may lose a few people who don't want to read through all the topic titles, I would bet it loses less people than having a single sticky with a generic name would.

And of course, having one sticky thread means someone needs to be constantly updating it, since you can't simply unsticky parts of it or sticky on new parts.
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