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Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
The thing I hate is the fact subnuc3, a hellishly powerful skill (No one has anything matching how destructive it can be) shouldnt be able to be stacked especially with a such a short CD.
In higher level PvP and especially premade vs. premade, it's the strip that's the powerful portion, not the cooldown slow. The cooldown slow is a nice added bonus but ends up being immediately cleared by a half coordinated group of players.

Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
I also hate the fact sci teams share a CD with engineer and tac team. They wear different coloured uniforms!
That's something we can at least partially agree on. Having a 15 second global disproportionately punishes pugs who might feel obligated to have one of each ability because they cannot rely on team mates for clears. In a proper premade setup each player is min/maxed into only carrying one type of team ability (or rarely, two different types at the most) and team abilities are sent out when needed.

My proposal is to lower the GCD to 10 seconds for different types of team abilities while keeping the 15s GCD in place for two copies of they same type. For example, if I cast a tactical team it will place my engineering and science teams on a 10 second GCD, while another copy of tactical team gets the full 15s GCD.

This is consistent with the way every other ability that is a part of a larger family of skills works. For example, EPtS places every other kind "Emergency Power to" ability on a 15s GCD, but another copy of EPtS onto a larger 30s GCD. Target shields places a copy of target weapons onto a 15s GCD, but another copy of target shields gets a larger 30s GCD. Team abilities are unique in that they do not discriminate in this way between two copies of the same skill and merely related skills in the family.

I disagree entirely with removing the GCD between different types of team abilities all together, as it would cause a massive increase in healing power to the point it completely breaks the game. A 10s GCD works wonders because you're only increasing survivability for pugs who could then theoretically perfectly chain all three abilities without anything going to waste -- yet premades will still want to have each member min/max into only one team ability.
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