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Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
They don't do Speed.

34 Turn Rate in my Nova. And as a bonus it has an amazing pivot.

My Tac nova is a hell of alot of fun to fly and does pretty solid dps.
I always have a firing solution in my Nova.

I might get a Recon Vesta someday, but the Nova is actually pretty solid in the hands of a tac.
Glad you're liking it! That said, if you approach the Vesta in sort of the same manner as you would the Fleet Vor'cha, you probably won't be disappointed. It tends to end up with lots of clickies, though. Especially when/if pets are factored heavily into your strategy. It's also tangibly less maneuverable than the RSV, so, if you like nimble you'll probably have more fun with the Nova.


Oh yeah, the Wells has the same rate of turn as the Nova, higher impulse modifier, and more hull and shield HP. I think it slides around a lot, though.
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