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03-27-2013, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Here's a potential compromise between fixing the current, un-fun, gameplay wrecking behavior of ResA and ResB modifiers while keeping their original design intent at a high level.

  • Get rid of the flat resistance boost that from ResA and ResB.
  • Instead, have it double the stacking speed for the associated damage types. For example, a shield with a ResA modifier would gain two stacks every time it gets hit by phasers, tetryons, or polarons, but the maximum number of stacks (and hence maximum resistance) is unchanged.
  • Alternatively, don't double the stacking speed but increase the maximum number of stacks for the associated damage type. For example, ResA will build up to a maximum of 15 stacks for phaser, tetryon, and polaron damage. Disruptor, plasma, and antiproton damage would still only build to the current maximum of 10 stacks.

In terms of gameplay, we've kept the original intent behind the ResA and ResB mods, but brought it down to the level where players hopefully don't feel the need to change shields and weapons so often. They're about as valuable, perhaps slightly more, than another [cap] modifier, and add an interesting game-play dynamic that's hopefully (for at least one of the listed alternatives) not overly difficult to implement. This would serve to cement elite fleet shields as the de facto choice against pressure damage at the expense of some vulnerability to coordinated spike -- an interesting, fun, and balanced addition.

Bort, if you're reading I'd very much appreciate your thoughts on either proposal.
Your stacking of extra resists, now to include all energy weapon damage types, is treading on Aegis set, and the only thing that the set bonus is good for.