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03-27-2013, 07:52 PM
Short Term:

1) Andorian Imperial Guard Uniforms and weapons. [CLICK HERE]

2) Vulcan attire [CLICK HERE] and Vulcan starship uniforms [CLICK HERE]

3) Enterprise Away Team Jackets, Desert Attire, Gym Attire [CLICK HERE]

Medium Term:

1) More ground combat pets

2) New Duty Officer Species

3) Revamp crafting

Long Term:

1) More internal starship customizable options (i.e. Engineering, Mess Hall, Captain's Quarters, Sickbay)

2) More shuttle craft/small craft missions

3) More Federation member homeworlds (Tellar Prime, Delta IV Trillus Prime, Benzar, Betazed, Bolarus IX, Rigel IV, Denobula, Cait, etc.)