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Originally Posted by astimingpyle View Post
I dropped it.
I don't know what you folks are talking about.
I've had the mission for a few days and spent hours doing "Strange New Worlds" followed by simply exploring and analyzing. Sure, picking up Strange New Worlds once a day and getting 1400 Dilithium is fine, but I can do that without the Diplo mission, and I've done Strange New Worlds twice, while having the Diplo, and yes I made sure I picked up the right mission for the right system. It was in Klingon Space, can't remember the name off hand, but it did nothing towards the Diplo mission.
Sorry if I misunderstood you, but...

I think the issue here is the word "Investigation..." You don't need to investigate anomalies to complete diplomatic investigation.

Here's what you need to do:

1) Enter the cluster, call the ambassador, get the investigation.

2) There should be a button labeled "Diplomatic Investigation" next to enable/disable astrometrics. You click it, and are warped into a random mission, just like an anomaly, except it's guaranteed to be one that gives DXP.

3) You do that mission, get your reward and warp out.

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