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-Polaron weaponries and its associated
Polaron is usable, not so much for its power drain (which is mostly useless in PvE and relatively easily countered by passive bonuses in PvP), but for its damage with the Jem'Hadar Mk XII set. Which is also crazy-good if you're using one of the Dominion ships due to the Victory Is Life buff.
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Additionally, because science depend on thier powers alot when there is not much DPS through weapons, a strong crew can lessen borg crew damage, boarding parties and torpedoe crew damage so that all your boff powers do not get disabled.
The boff powers don't get disabled by low crew unless they have a crew requirement (such as your own Boarding Parties), but by Boarding Party/Assimilation itself (it's a specific proc for Boarding Party, that sets everything on a short but pesky cooldown). Flying at 0 crew doesn't do anything other than kill your passive regeneration (which is usually pretty small anyway unless you specialize in it, which admittedly is easier to do now that Leadership works) and disable specific powers (Boarding Party is honestly the only one I can think of).