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03-27-2013, 09:50 PM
Felix arrives on one of the first birds down pistol already drawn he and a small group of ONI troops make there way to Dr. Harper in the lab where a small group of surving officers are.

Felix: alpha team get these people back to the gunships now.Tal you stay with me lets go secure the command center and the data base files.

As the two clear a small stretch of field felix defitly fires his pistol at a hostile dropping him after a few shots. realizing his phaser isnt going to kill them quick enough he pulls out another side arm and slides a magazine in it. He shoots again this time a small reb ball hits the target killing it.

Weapon: Prototype micro photon pistol
Magazine capacity 20 shots

they after a few moments arrive at there destination.

Tal: they have either gotten stronger or tougher

Felix: i was going to say you have been in that human form to long
Feli shoots tal a smile as he laughs

They both enter the command center and after a prolonged fire fight secure it.

Felix: keep your eyes opened ill download all the files