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03-27-2013, 10:10 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I want to thank everyone that sent us steps to attempt to reproduce this effect. Thanks to your assistance, we were able to track down one of the strangest power interactions I've yet seen since coming to work on STO.

And we just checked in a fix for it.

Boarding parties are still capable, on their own, of putting one or more category of power into cooldown for upwards of 45sec or so. But the interaction of this debuff, coupled with abilities like Subnucleonic Beam and the Bio-SS Doff, will no longer send the cooldown debuff's magnitudes hurdling off into the stratosphere. The effects of each will be applied, and stack in an additive manner, instead of multiplying one another.
Bort, I'm kinda confused by your post. Any chance you could enlighten me?

AFAIK, SNB and the like have always been "multiplicative" effects on cooldowns as shown in the UI. They effectively reduce the rate at which real-time translates into recharge-time for the CD timers, like I laid out in my previous post; the UI calculates the amount of time it would take for the ability to recharge at the current CD recharge rate, which results in a new CD that's a multiple of the old, pre-SNB CD.

From what you've said, I can see two ways that you've addressed this. One is to update the UI to reflect the actual time it would take for the ability to recharge, taking into account when CD-recharge-reduction debuffs wear off. Thus, SNB wouldn't "multiply" the entire CD, including what BP added; it would instead "add" some number of seconds to what the UI displays. This would be purely a UI update, and would not actually affect the time it took for the ability to recharge.

Example: If an ability is 15s away from recharge, and SS doff's affect is applied with 10s duration, then the UI calculates that the 30s it would take for the SNB to wear off would only translate to 5s reduction on the timer. After the SS doff's effect wears off (10s real time), the CD timer would still have 10s left; thus, the UI updates the display to show 20s, the actual time it would take for the ability to recharge assuming debuffs wear off as normal.

BP-added time is treated like normal CD time, so the UI would also 'add' up to 5s onto the displayed cooldown all abilities, including those affected by BP, when the SS doff's effect hits.

The other way that I could think of, given your comments, is to treat BP-added time as part of a separate timer that's not affected by SNB or related effects. This would actually change how BP interacts with SNB; the "time" added by BP wouldn't be "multiplied" by SNB at all.

Example: Suppose I have an ability that's ready to use. BP's effect kicks in and bumps it up to 15s recharge time. I get hit with SNB; BP's extra time isn't affected by SNB, and the displayed CD remains at 15s.

Compare this to an ability that was used and had 15s on its CD timer. Suppose BP kicks in again and adds 15s. If I get hit with an SS doff, the effect applies only to the 15s that was originally on the cooldown timer; the UI shows 2 * 15s + 15s = 45s instead of 2 * (15s + 15s) = 60s.

I don't think the latter's what you mean, but I'm afraid I'm still confused by your post. If you could be so kind as to explain the mechanics of what's going on, I (and probably the rest of the PvP community) would be very grateful!

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