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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's one of those things, where for the most part - FvK can be just as much fun as FvF can be. Win or lose. Hell, even lose bad - I mean where you get so slaughtered you wonder if you're out there in a banana hammock and flip flops instead of a ship. But you still had fun even in losing. You could run into a KDF premade that's so coordinated that you think they're reading your mind. You might stay out of the FvK queue for a couple of hours hoping they go away, just like you would a premade in the FvF - but you're still ready to get back in there and have some fun.

But then...well...there's just those matches where you probably don't queue FvK again for 2-3 weeks or more. Hell, you might not even PvP again for a few days. It's just that bad...

...only happens FvK.

Doesn't happen that often - but it's bad enough that it's pretty easy to forget all the fun you had otherwise...
As for me, though, I face such horrible matches in both FvF and FvK with fairly equal probability. Both sides can be equally bad, TBH.
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