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Is anyone else here getting the "you have failed to log in too many times, your IP will be banned for 10 minutes" message on the website?

What makes this whole thing worse is that I've never failed to log in, all details correct every time and it still happens seemingly at random.

I use Google Chrome (and will always use no matter what)
I have STO website set as the homepage
I check and double check that I've entered the password correctly
I have a Cryptic Account created in 2009, merged it with a PWE account created just before the forum change
I check the Always stay logged in box on the account log in screen (which I will always do so I don't have to go through the log in every time)

And seemingly at random I get this message. (happened 3 times in the last 2 days) Is there ANY way for Perfect World to get rid of this message completely, please, as it's annoying
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