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Originally Posted by pyryck View Post
Here's a hint - 1 character is limited to refining 8k Dil ore per day.
2 characters are limited to refining 16k dil ore per day.
10 characters are limited to refining 80k dil ore per day.
20 characters are limited to refining 160k dil ore per day.

Post an outrageous offer on the Dil exchange with 1 character. Log in 2nd character and pull the offer back down. Ouila, 16k Dil on one character.

Learn to use the system to your benefit and enjoy the 8k cap.
Sure, its possible this way. But you have to level all the toons up to VA to get full rewards from them. Not everyone wants to do this. And you have to equip them all too, because if you dont, you die all the way, while farming dillithium.

Another idea would be to scale the max by your number of toons.
1 toon = 8000/d
2 toon = 16k/d
10 toons = 80k/d

But you can refine them with one single char.
You refine 10k with toon 1
Then you refine 70k with toon 2
No more refining for the other 8, but thats okay.