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# 93 You'd Need Turn-Based Play
03-28-2013, 12:27 AM
Turn-Based Play.

It's the only way to skip between bridge sequences that actually matter (shouting orders, healing BOFFs with their heads exploding from c-4 embedded consols...

The coolest part would be jumping into the engineers and frantically running up collapsing ladders, and shutting in those poor crewman on the wrong side of the emergency containment field in a hull breach. Crawling desparately through jeffries tubes.

All of this would have to be a 'repair' phase each side was entitled to between combat rounds.

And I very much there's much support for altering the game in that way, even if it could be done.

Second coolest benefit from this idea: Your BOFFs can suggest last-minute plans that give you one-use temporary moves you've never heard of before!

Amd perhaps your captian would be the morale medic, more or less, using an 'inspiring' abillity both to recuperate injured BOFFs, but also to inspire them with confidence before an important volley.

Anyway, that's the only way you I can think of to make it matter.

MAAAAAYBE a compromise where the walls of the bridge become transparent, which was an idea made explicit on Jem Hardar ships with those wierd eye pieces...