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# 1 Where is the 'End Game'?
03-28-2013, 12:51 AM
We are about to receive a massive amount of new content but we still don't have what many consider to be a true end game scenario. Where are the extreem difficulty, multi-team raids that reward unique, epic loot drops? Reputation grinding is not end game content. Rep systems should be spaced out amoung all 50 levels and there should be many more rep systems to choose from. But, that is off topic...
Where is our end game? What are we gearing up for? We get more and more powerfull for what? What challenge awaits that will put this high level gear and new abilities to the ultimate test? Where are our unique, epic boss drops? Remember the Borg Analyzer Kit? When will we punish the weak by denying them the fat loot and reward the skilled by making them stand out amoung the community as epic conquerers?