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03-28-2013, 01:08 AM
Originally Posted by cloudwasher View Post
I am horrified that EPS would be listed as a useless console, it is infact one of the most useful... It doesnt just affect power transfer rate between system, but also power regeneration from firing weapons... If you have a lot of weapons on one facing, EPS consoles are critical to not having your DPS killed by weapons power loss.
so true, plus if you are having energy syphon or any other power drain power used on you then having EPS console will regenerate your power levels more quickly, my tac never leaves home without one, your obviously a noob if you think most if not all those consoles are useless, trust me in pvp I got swarmed by syphon drones nearly 0 power levels throughout the whole match, and that was before I had my EPS console,