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03-28-2013, 01:26 AM
I actually don't mind making the Gorn more "lizardy" but I absolutely hate how they did it in this case. First off, the different types look too different. The Gorn from TOS and ENT look different, but are clearly the same race.

The main thing I hate is how the "castes" are split up based entirely on video game bad guy types. There's an entire caste of Gorn that are just large brutes? An entire cast that can crawl on walls and camouflage? It practically feels like the Gorn castes could be labeled Boomer, Spitter, Hunter.

The last thing I hate is some of the descriptions about how "this caste of Gorn is too unevolved to use weapons". Seriously? That's like if the Enterprise had a bunch of gorillas to set loose on enemies. Wait. Did I accidentally think up something awesome?