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03-28-2013, 03:39 AM
oh boy, you shouldn't have made that comparison with will be flamed beyond credibility.
Not by me though, since i too loved raiding in wow, to a certain point. But when i was done with raiding in wow, STO was exactly the kind of MMO i was looking for. No time intensive endgame content etc...(got my endgame gear before hitting lvl 50 before the STF redesign, and i loved it)

anyway, sto is not that kind of MMO, it is far more casual and shaped around the 3 hour per week guy...not the 4-5 hours per day nerd.

don't get me wrong, i'd love to see such content, but that is not the peer group sto is aimed at.

though i wouldn't mind for more STF like content, the tau dewa red alert is also not bad and the 5 man nukara elite missions had also something about them that i liked.

Also "bring back the OLD STF" as ultra elite weekly missions, only for premade teams and special rewards that is not available via reputation (not saying it must be better, just different)
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