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The Marked Legion (formerly 401st Aerospace Commando's) is temporarily looking to recruit new members for our military-style role playing fleet.

Two of the three founding members are former United States military servicemen and in that light we have decided to run our fleet in a traditional military-style. Although Starfleet is not a military organization, we put our on spin on what it would be like if it were.

We have standard issue daily and dress uniforms, use fleet identifying marks on the faces of our toons, salute superior officers, fly together to and from missions, and adhere to a structured command path.

The premise is to put yourself in the shoes of your toon and have him/her perform actions as if you are actually the person in the game (hence the role playing). It is a fun and interesting way to participate in STO and for many makes the game seem more real.

Now, while we do report to and take orders from commanding officers, that does not mean that there is no free time or fun time. We do request that you work with fleetmates in STF's and other fleet exercises as often as you can, but on the other hand, we have no problem with you spending time building up your character, working on faction reputation, or attempting to gain certain weapons or equipment for yourself as well.

In the physical presense of commanding officers we respect the uniform and behave accordingly, but once we are out amongst the stars in our individual ships there is plenty of time for BS'ing and having fun.

Our fleet is made up of like minded individuals looking to achieve the same things out of STO. The goals are to have fun, meet new people, work together, make the experience as real as possible, and make stronger toons. We do not and will not tolerate drama, and actions will be taken to eliminate members who create it.

We work hard to make our fleet as strong as possible, while at the same time always being respectful and courteous to our other fleetmates. There is order in our fleet, not just a bunch of members doing their own thing while occasionally contributing random materials here and there. We have daily goals which are made clear to you from the moment you log on.

Finally, there are set figures for advancing in rank. There is no chance of playing for weeks without receiving a promotion as long as you meet these numbers. Access to our fleet bank is limited to higher ranking officers, but put in a request for an item and 99 times out of 100 it will be taken out and given to you without hesitation.

If our fleet sounds like something that might interest you, please feel free to contact me in game for more information.

Thank you,
Commander Q

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