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03-28-2013, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by janewaywarrior View Post
Klingon ships on average seem to be more powerful then Federation vessels on both turning speed and general damage. Obviously, not discounting that there are some very skilled PvPers on the Klingon side that use their ships well but this is not to point fingers but to address some of the problems with Klingon PvP so that hopefully this will encourage more people to do it.
I think there are only 2 things overpowered in the klingon faction:

1) pet spamming: if you can spam a lot of pet, you have dome at lesta the 50% of the work.

2) aceton assimilators: them help a lot draining your energy and turn off you systems... no matter if you have 55+ and skilled a bit (at least 3 point) power insulator.