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03-28-2013, 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
But have you ever wondered why noone queues for KvK? After all klingons moan about the low quality of F Pugs, F OP ships and F whatever. So why K do not fight K ? Should be better gamplay experience for them or ? RP factor is not excuse, because most Klingons are actually aliens flying alien ships...

So perhaps there is problem somewhere else.....and the grass is not greener over the fence.....
It is a better game play experience in almost every KvK I have played... yes the games are better. Drainers are easily countered with dps and a klink team that doesn't have that even a pug on is hard to come by... things like aceton are countered my most bops cause well they have torps. Yes I have been in pug KvK games that have been very entertaining.

Proiblem isn't that klinks don't que problem... is there is rarely 10 klinks qued overall. lol

When we Pvp K side... we always que both... but the ques always look like this

8 7

With 5-7 Qued for KvK... so guess what never pops.