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03-28-2013, 06:04 AM
There are timezone things to account for at times. Depending on when you're playing, you may or may not see that many KDF. So during those times, it can be a population thing. Don't forget to check what events are taking place - the pop might be there, but there may be something else that they're grinding at that moment.

Who hasn't had to glitch Ker'rat to get the Kill10KDF, eh?

At other times, though - lol - yes, you'll see the 12-15+ KDF sitting in the FvK Arena/CnH queues with 0 KDF in the KvK queues.

Even there, though - ahem - there can be different things going on. If there are Feds in the FvK queues - those folks are probably having a blast in some good ol' FvK PVP. If there are no Feds in the FvK queues - well, then the KDF in the queues are probably that small group of KDF responsible for the majority of the complaints about the KDF in the FvK queues...meh.
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