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03-28-2013, 06:16 AM
A quick question, does anyone know what weapon type it is that the gates use on STFs that cut right through my shields and hull, I don't even quite know what is happening but suddenly my shield will go down and my hull just gets eaten up by some beam or similar leaving me to either run away or get destroyed pretty quickly.

It doesn't happen that often as I try to stay away from gates when on my own or fire from long range, but when it does it really throws me off.

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Okie dokie, so seeing as I haven't put the time into getting high end plasma weapons it might be worth just getting the Romulan weapons. I played a bit before the season 7 update, my god does everything cost a lot of dilithium now, lol.

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STO Academy has done an awesome job with their SKill Planner

It now includes all facets of the characters setup from skill p[oints, to reputation bonuses, to ground/space boff layouts, ground setup, space setup. I have updated my build linked in the original post to include these changes.

I have included to the original post, a grounhd and space build for people just reaching VA and starting with STF. This doesn't include the reputation gear. All of the equipment can be gotten from missions or via the exchange inexpensively. This will allow people to start STF's with a build that will keep them alive until they get their MACO/assimilated gear.
A good idea, but for some reason that build isn't loading for me at all, your original one works fine but this new one just gets stuck on the "loading" bit on my pc or phone and never actually loads anything.

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