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I am thinking about writing a series on exploration in the delta quadrant est around 30-50 years after Voy End Games and honestly I want opinions........ heres my issues

1. Were the Borg destroyed after Janeway got assimilated with the Virus she had please define. Was the virus full spread or local based? Where would the Fleet assemble?
2. How would the federation build or transfer bases and such to there supposed new bases?
3. IS it feasible or would the thought end soon with destruction please define.
4. Who should lead the effort a family member of the voyager crew or a spec ops type officer?

Give me your thoughts if i get the support i hope to get im going to create a site and it will be a fan fiction site for readers i can not afford a movie or you tube video.

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1. There will always be Borg as long as writers want there to be Borg... Resistance is Futile...

2. Startrek:Borderlands covers this issue via use of a stable wormhole to the Delta Quadrant.

3. I'm sorry, I don't understand the question...

4. 30-50 years after, it would have to be a new officer. A descendant of the Voyager crew would be seen as 'riding on the coat-tails' of the original character (whomever they may be) so always better to create a new character