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03-28-2013, 08:50 AM

So basically Spamhaus (and now Cloudflare, who is also being attacked after providing DDoS protection to Spamhaus) are lolling up what's actually a pretty pathetic attack. The global effect is basically zero. See that little blip just before 3/22? That's the attack. No website has reported any outages, the BBC's reported Netflix outages were from an severed wire. Spamhaus has even maintained 95% uptime during the attack, and most of their mirrored blocklists have not gone offline at all.

Now, see the blip on 3/01? That's supposedly news and video traffic as the media struggled to cover the sequestration and Cypriot bank failure in real time. A big news story had three times the global internet impact of this attack.

Oh, and another site is pointing out that Spamhaus, Cyberbunker, and Cloudflare, the companies involved, have some interesting financial entanglements with each other, suggesting that this whole thing might be a marketing stunt.

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