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Simply put, almost all you said is not true. Learn to play, study, go to bootcamp (which is an excellent initiative), ask for a friend's help in challenges, practice. Become better.

1) KDF ships are not OP. KDF tactic of "cloak and alpha strike" is a no brainer, they should do that. I never get alpha shut down by klings in pvp. Keep shields up, pay attention to the specific sounds of the game when they decloak and launch torps or prepare an alpha strike, BFI, EM and so on. Slot some engineer consoles for defense. Get healed by team mates.

2) Whining about "sci spam" is flat lame. Science has already seen the most nerfs in the game and is becoming more and more the less effective of all classes. SBN is actually THE only sci skill worthy and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. People get sci captains in their teams almost only for this skill, which is quite relevant in terms of this class present lack of usability.


1) practice a lot and learn from the guys better than you;
2) fight against better opponents;
3) don't leave/afk a game. also, dont suicide by warping alone in the first 5 seconds to reach the enemy spawn area (suiciders are even worse than afk.leavers);
4) learn to play in a team. Actually, as someone said, teamplay is the best skill you can get and develop. Communicate, cross heal, wait for the target to be called, follow the squad leader's orders.