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03-28-2013, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by jam3s1701 View Post
HOW CAN someone have 10 toons lol and get 8k each i run 2 and it takes HOURS of game play to get 16k
Well that depends how quickly you can do STFs.

I tend to run the 3 old space elites (CSE, ISE and KASE) in about 20-30 minutes = 4,400 dil (rewards + marks) and turn over any extra BNPs for more dil. I find I quite often hit the 8k cap running 3 STFs. Worst case I'll do 2 runs of them and have an excess on the 8k meaning the following day will only need one round.

If you get good at them, and join a channel with decent players (EliteSTF and PublicEliteSTF are good places to start, but I find even the standard there is getting worse these days) you can easily blast through a set in half an hour.

That means at the very most it'll take 1h30m to reach your refinement cap purely through STFs, and some of that time will be STFing on another character whilst waiting for your cooldowns to finish!

I tend to stick to 3 toons, but that's only because I only have 3 decently equipped!