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03-28-2013, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by vulcanmonk View Post
Thanks for the feedback!

I really like the Chimera; yes it can be a bit squishy as one poster wrote, and it doesn't have the power of the Andorian Kumari, but overall I like the package it offers, respectable firepower, and well rounded defensive abilities.

Fore Weapons
Fleet Advanced Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon MkXII (Dmg)x3 (acc) x4

Aft Weapons
Fleet Advanced Phaser Turret MkXII (Dmg)x3 (acc) x3

Planned updates. Waiting on our fleet weapons with acc x2. Also need to open more boxes to get the energy weapons officers who lower recharges on cannon abilities. Anybody using those Energy Weapons DOFFS?
Thanks to everyone for their opinion of this ship. Have been thinking about for a while now as really, as much as I enjoy the Mobius and the Breen ship, Ive wanted something more in the feeling of a Fed cruiser/escort so this obviously fits the bill.

One thing I am confused about though, you say that you have:

Fleet Advanced Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon MkXII (Dmg)x3 (acc) x4 & Fleet Advanced Phaser Turret MkXII (Dmg)x3 (acc) x3 yet you state you are waiting for fleet weapons with acc X2?! Why would you downgrade in ACC?!? Also, I wasn't aware that you could get fleet weapons with ACC x 4 and 4?

Sorry if I am not understanding something here. Either way, looks like a fun build. Well done!
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