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Unless, you think spammy garbage is fun and exciting?
there are plenty of different powers in the game to clear away spam; if you don't have any of them, ask a team mate who does to clear it for you...that's what you're supposed to be doing in PvP anyway - working as a TEAM

Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
a hard cap on how many can be deployed at once from a person.
there is a hard cap per player already - 2

maybe in PvP, that hard cap could be extended to the entire team

then you'd never have to deal with more than 2 acetons at any given moment and they can keep their current stats
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Klingons use bathtubs as a severe form punishment.
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"You sniveling petaQ!!! If you are late for your shift one more time, you will spend two hours in the bathtub!!."


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