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Not a hack. That's how BP actually works with multiple doffs. If more than three shuttles land (note that the BP doff-spawned shuttles stack up on each other in flight and land at the same time), they can all proc the CD-increase effect. Whereas BP without doffs would set you back maybe 6-7s per ability before you could get a TT up, and that's if all three shuttles landed, BP with doffs can easily push you to 1 or 2 minutes per ability, and that's assuming maybe only 4 or 5 land out of the possible 9 that can spawn.

Also note that the CD of your abilities aren't reset upon respawn. I think this is the same mechanism by which abilities on CD remain on CD even through respawn; BP doesn't just slow down the CD recharge rate, it literally adds seconds onto the clock, and these seconds can't be wiped away by most effects.

There have been people complaining about it on the forums. It's generally considered as hugely OP but highly situational; as someone else put it, one of the most critical-success or critical-failure powers out there.

This is true, One you have a 5 sec immunity after hitting tt, two you have hard counters like shockwave other mines or general weapons fire, and three you still us tt ,st,et.... The process of actually landing a bp on a target these days take a dedicated build and is very valuable to alpha strike if the escort or in this cause cruise's pilot is commandant.