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03-28-2013, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
lol, I'm rather partial to my BoP's, even with their drawbacks, so some of my perspectives can be a little bit biased.

That said, a good DPS cruiser cap in a good team can also make short work of:

Sci ships
Other Cruisers.

and do so without the KDF's dual heavy cannons or turn rates. It's all a matter of HOW you go about it-An engie in a Cruiser has some abilities that seem to get short-shrift that work really, really well...
A good DPS cruiser in a good team can make short work of escorts (really?) and sci ships if the people flying the escorts and the sci ships are either completely clueless or in a very bad team.

I run some specific sci ship builds where i can top the damage even against bug ships and with net, not raw damage. Does that make me the most effective or uber guy in the team? No. This game is much more than showing off the numbers at the end of the match.