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The enemy species I'd like to see are the Kelvans. ( We saw them disguised as humans in TOS' "By Any Other Name," but the description of their natural form sounded like mini-Lovecraftian monstrosities. (Mini for Lovecraftian monstrosities, that its.) Worf claimed to have fought one, so they should be still around. Cryptic could flesh out a non-humanoid enemy that was beyond TOS' or even TNG's special effects abilities.
Come on man. This is Cryptic. You should know exactly what would happen if we fought Kelvans with Cryptic's idea of combat balance.
We'd spend the entire fight rolling around the floor as salt cubes O>o

Originally Posted by sander233 View Post

"They make love at the drop of a hat."
"Any hat."

- Geordi La Forge and Tasha Yar
I'm in, if we can blow up their arrogant "god".

Yes I have a thing against haughty alien superbeings (that aren't amusing like Q). Sue me.

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