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03-28-2013, 10:01 AM
Because it's the gate it may be something other than plasma which is their standard weapon and used 99% of the time.

I believe the cube's use an antiproton cannon and it could possibly be one of those? They tend to be amped up quite a bit as well.
Next time, try to pay attention to the damage info on your screen and it will tell you what energy type it is.

You do have an option here.
In the past, I have recommended Monotanium/electroceramic combo for +35plasma/+35 kinetic resistance (for MK XI Rare) because they are extremely cheap.

However, It is preferred to go with two neutronium consoles (which when combined will give 35 resistance to ALL energy types and 35 kinetic resistance. This can also be used against all enemies rather than having to switch out your consoles based on who you're fighting.

This should help, if you find it to be a big issue.

I also see what you're saying with the loading issue. I just checked and it was doing it to me too. I left it up for troubleshooting purpopses for the stoacademy guys, but I just uploaded my file copy and renamed it and I can connect to it just fine again.

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