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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
dude, I fly a Bird of Prey. on all 4 toons (well, 3 1/2 toons, my sci has an alternate ride because in Hive Onslaught (elite) carriers are nice to have as a Sci).

Wanna talk about needing an upgrade to the stat-line? I can seat FOUR bridge officers. That's all I can seat, period, I have the worst hull and shield mods in the game, fewest item locations, and only six weapons total, with only ONE bird of prey version that can carry more than 3 tac consoles-total.

Yes, I have Battlecloak, which is nice, it isn't, however, a cure-all-every mine in the battlespace sees me cloaked and that damage goes straight to hull, which is lower than your LOWEST Escort. in 3 of 4 BoPs, I can't even FIRE while cloaked, and the B'rel's got this tiny crew which means that hull damage gets a LOT harder to repair, real-bloody-fast.

A well-set cruiser can create several situations where I lose cloak, without gaining shields, such as a properly timed EWP, and I don't have nearly the space for buffs/clears/Debuffs even a BAD Fedcruiser carries.

Most cruiser caps who are any good, can survive a decloak-alpha, but that decloaking bird can't survive a well timed Cruiser's alpha, even if he/she is only running beams, cannons and turrets.

SINGLE cannons.

There are whole threads dedicated to making DPS cruisers that can (and do, in a good team) spank the stuffing out of Tac-in-a-BoP.

of course, to DO that, your team has to have a modicum of Teamwork, which, thankfully, most Fed players don't have and most KDF players DO...
Oh yes, I suppose the loss of that one ensign slot must be so crippling. Having one less rear slot for a turret? Unacceptable! I am also shocked at the notion that a ship could have any less than 3 tactical console slots. Shame!

Only area I can agree with is that hull and shielding are too low, and that one of them could use a buff. At least the bird of prey doesn't look bad in comparison to other things, chiefly because it is capable of doing things other ships cannot.