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03-28-2013, 09:15 AM
The problem is that STO in PVP is a team game. When you come across a decent team whether pug or premade you're in trouble if you're by yourself. When I pug I expect this. I go in hoping for a few kills but if it's a coordinated team that's good I'm happy with 1 kill.

Now when you're in a good team you're not that scared if the all evil SNB, SS, VM coming at you. Just last night I went on my healer and got matched against another premade that was sci heavy. Everytime I could i threw my sci team and clear my teammates who were nuked or scrambled. When someone got viraled I threw eng team. This on top of general healing hull and shields.

There are counters but no 1 build can counter everything. This is when teamwork comes into play.

If you want to run with us PM me in game @edalgo and we'll show you the other side of the table.