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03-28-2013, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by alexopena1 View Post
IMHO STO should have a Race vs Race vs Race event every 6 hours or so;
maybe they could make it so that the 3 races would be fighting over control of some dilithium rich system or something
Lord of the Rings Online already beat you to that with the Ettenmoores.

That said, it might actually be interesting to introduce an open world PVP area with objectives that can boost the entire faction if accomplished.

As for the Borg invasion of Sol Starbase - That was really fun and it would be nice if they would do that. For those that will whine they dont want to get killed then make it a seperate red alert instance.

Dosent just have to be Borg either, you can make it various species across the various social zones.