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03-28-2013, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by lizwei View Post
1 million a pop isn't exactly going to make me rich when the in demand very rare mk XIIs are going for 50 mil+.
I'm speaking of a way to craft these items reliably. Why do we even have a crafting system that only lets us craft obsolete items?
Your logic is flawed, sir.

They only sell for 50m each BECAUSE they are rare. Rest assured, if the ability to craft XII purple consoles was released, the price would plummet FAST!

You could do what I did, invest your dilithium in character slots, level them - and run the mission on multiple toons. Ten characters = 12m EC every 74 hours. That's not too shabby (I power them up first). It should be 15m but the artifact market has taken a pummeling recently thanks to the doff packs!