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03-28-2013, 10:59 AM
Yesterday due to probably the most insane string of luck I've ever had a friend of a friend who had a high enough tier starbase let me buy the fleet version of the excelsior. I'll be updating the data above with the fleet variant after I'm sure I can adequately explain the differences. Though they're relatively minor, they make a big impact.

The short version however, is that except where not, the fleet version is just like the retrofit of the excelsior. The fleet version 'only' has more hull, shields, and one more tactical console, which makes its maneuverability, speed, various boffs and consoles all but exactly the same. Oh, and the blue racing stripes on the fleet costume. And I do mean EXACTLY alike - in every other respect it's the same as the original, which is a wonderful thing since I don't need to learn or get used to the 'new' ship's capabilities.

One serious and very noticable difference the fleet version has is more firepower. On infected elite I was doing my thing, and we killed the first nanite transformer before the nanite spheres could budge, mostly due to the fact one of my friends along with me had a jem'hadar fighter. The nanite spheres spawned late and so all clustered up around the gate as if afraid of us, it was pretty neat.

Anyway, so I foolishly dive in and start blazing away with fire at will - not my most brilliant moment, as this seriously annoyed the gate and all of the spheres into trying to kill me, all at the same time. They would have succeeded were it not for the science in my group saving my life...

The amount of aggro I wound up having on the gate from the nanite sphere swarm snafu was extreme - after finishing the rest of the stf we came back to the gate and started killing it and even with a foolhardy tac blazing away at it before I could get in range, it was *still* psychotically devoted to me. Usually when that sort of thing happens I have to reacquire aggro. The crazy thing didn't even *care* the escort was there...

This is a nice upgrade to the ship, and I'm loving it already.