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03-28-2013, 10:22 AM
Well I dont have a setup that breaks 10k consistently, but I am able to get 7-8k pretty regularly with room for more tweaking. From what I have figured out, getting maximum peak damage requires putting everything into a single column. Basically you can have wide damage across multiple types, or you can have narrow damage of a single type (excluding pets), and if you want to get big numbers from a single single type then you need to drop the non-contributing assets. EG, stop mixing beams and torps, go full one or the other, and max your damage into that type. If you want to use weapons, maximize your weapon hard-points that face the target. Pets will give you more damage but if you give up hardpoints to have a carrier you are going to do less beam damage. Its not something that is appealing to me so I am not interested in doing it, but if you notice all of these 10k ships have the same thing, they are all running 100% plasma weapons with plasma consoles and are skilled into that setup, EG all damage is compressed into a single type column.