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03-28-2013, 11:28 AM
It is very unfortunate that the DEVs are subjected to the opinions of the kind of forum posts this community creates. If they where to listen to the community and their petty, random wants and needs this game would be a inconprehensable train wreck full of costumes and ship designs/teirs that break the structure.
If this game dose not develope some new, more intense modes of gameplay and become more focused on end game acheivments it will be laughed out of the MMO race as a home for the worst and most esoteric kind of RP community.
Dispite common opionion, this community is not a majority of RP players. We are gamers. Many of us may not be very smart gamers and may not have the capacity to formulate a healthy opinion for the DEVs to stand upon, and the needs of the many get crushed by the esoteric wants of the RP community and people who just don't know any better.
This game dose indeed lack focus. I don't even know who the 'bad guy' is and if you're referring to the Borg Queen as the bad guy I zerged her all nite long and she loved it. She isn't even mentioned until you can Q for her and even then there is no Borg story line to speak of. While she is an impressive battle and a great step in the right direction she is hardly enough. Champions has some very inventive boss fights we could borrow from. In fact, Champions has a lot we can use over here.