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Originally Posted by sandukutupu View Post
I understood what the OP meant just from the title. STO is not only open ended but aimless.

Guild Wars has 3 campaigns and expansion with climactic endings. WoW has boss fights such as the Lich King. Star Wars: The Old Republic and DC Universe also have end game content and most mmos allow you to replay all the missions in a hard mode.

Many people have asked me who is the "bad guy" at the end of STO. There just isn't one. Without that goal to "go get the bad guy" many people won't continue playing once they get level capped or get tired of repetitive quest lines. This is why I recommend the Foundry for content. However some players feel that it is hard to find quality content in there.

Have Fun!
Well - STF wise (which has a Normal and Elite mode -- and while I too don't find Elite all that haerd, it is what is is) - the "End bad Guy" is the Borg Queen. <--- And this has been the only ST endgame for quite a while.

For the Romulan Rep stuff - currently, it's Tholians; but we may see something different once the "Legacy of Romulus" update hits.

And as someone who played EQ from 1999-2004, WoW from 2005-2009 I'm sorry, but I honestly don't miss the EQ (which was a REAL grind when I played) and/or WoW Style raiding paradigm myself (after over 65+ runs in Molten Core AFTER we had everything including Ragnaros on farm status -- and about 20 excursions into BWL - we were working on the third dragon when Burning Crusade hit.) - so I hope they don't really decide to go, that route as STO progresses.

I would still LOVE to see some much more challenging content myself - but I don't think that fits in with the overall casual appeal PWE/Cryptic want STO to have. Hell, even Blizzard has been casualizing and dumbing down aspects of WoW (I still have old RL guildmate frioends who play WoW and try to get me to come back - but I was never a real 'High Fantasy genre fan to begin with, and I'm done with WoW.)

But again, while I enjoyed my runs with friends on the old WoW 'loot pinata' (aka Onyxia) and the other two major 40 man raid zones (Molten Core and Black Wing Lair -- although to be fair, MC became more of a chore after the 20th or so full run/clear); I do hope it's a pradigm STO DOESN'T adopt going forward. YMMV.
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