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Lotus Fleet has wrapped up our 2nd season on role play on the site and are prepared to launch our season 3 RP. Follow us as we launch our brand new ships.

Our new addition is the USS Horizon, a new design for Lotus Fleet; Lotus class.

The crew:

CO - Captain Kheren ( Admiral Kheren )
XO - Commander Neil Stanley Redding ( Commodore Redding )
Second Officer - Commander Oseno Jureth ( Rear Admiral Jureth )
Chief of Science - Snowfire K'Leysha PhD. ( Lt. Snowfire )
Chief Tac/Sec - Lt(jg) Sarah Corcoran ( Lt. corcoran )
Chief of Eng. - Lt(jg) Montgomery Scott III ( Lt. Commander Arma )
Chief Ops Officer - Lt. Elishia Leone ( Rear Admiral Jeff T )
Chief Strategic Ops. - Commander Oseno Jureth ( Rear Admiral Jureth )
Chief medical Officer - Lt. Zero One One & Lt. One One Zero M.D.( Rear Admiral Evshell )
Our second newest addition to Lotus Fleet is the USS Phoenix, Avenger Class.

The crew:

CO - Captain Syntron ( Rear Admiral Jeff T )
XO - Commander Joshua Riker ( Lt. Sorripto )
Chief of Science - Ensign Hera Seven ( Lt. Hera )
Chief of Tac/Sec. - Lt. Commander Josh Vincent (Capt. Josh Vincent )
Chief of Eng. - Lt. Commander David Rogers ( Capt. BLZBUB )
Chief Ops Officer - Ensign Garvex P'Trell
Chief Medical Off. - Lt. Commander Elliago Nasaro-Myth M.D. ( Admiral Kheren )

Follow us as Star Base 10, under the command of Fleet Captain Allen Samji, guides the USS Horizon and USS Phoenix toward their new destinies.

Follow us as their indomitable crews seek out new frontiers and old enemies.

Follow us ...

(Thanks to Captain BLZBUB for putting this information together)

RAdm Jeff T
Command Division CO
Lotus Fleet