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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
yeah...but i think CBS wont allow Cryptic to release a t5 version (yes CBS sucks -_-)
i don't think it has to be a tier 5 version, even a tier 3 version would be awesome. One that evenly balances all the classes. Like an equal number of console slots for science, engineering, and tactical. make it the first all-around ship. Which would perhaps include a special build-in ability unique to that ship. Like the positron beacons XD. Would be able to detect cloaked ships; 2.5-3 minute cool-down. At LEAST 4 weapon hard-points (as it should be) (for a tier 3 version it could have maybe 3 fore and 2 aft!); And for example if you have the grappler equipped, it wouldn't allow you to use it when the beacons are activated (that's obvious). You know little things like that to make it interesting

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