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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Oddly, the Atrox doesn't tank as well as it looks on paper. I think it has to do with its speed.

The Atrox suffers not only from a low turn rate, but low inertia rating and top speed. Given the same gear I'm still going to suffer more hits and crits then a cruiser.

I'm not saying the Atrox isn't da bomb, just its a flimsier tank then you would expect her to be, a heavy sci cruiser could match her tricks and eat fire that would smoke my Atrox in one shot. Of course the Atrox would out DPS it, but that is ok, because if the Atrox took the hit instead of the cruiser the Atrox wouldn't have lived to do that DPS, and it wouldn't be a huge DPS margin in the best of cases.

The beauty of the Atrox is, as opposed to a ship like the Ody that can spec hard down any one road and do very well, the Atrox can soak an apprecable amount of damage, deal a crazy amount of damage, heal like a woman possesed, and have a full complement of sci tricks all at the same time. It suffers by not hitting quite the peak in any one of those areas ever. (Well, unless your in a pug of bads. A good Atrox can do more then an entire group of bads combined...)
Caitian has the same impulse modifier as other Federation cruisers, so I doubt it will take more hits and crits. Turnrate may be worse, but then Federation cruisers aren't much better off either. And inertia only affects how fast changes in movement take place, so I doubt that it will affect defence value.

The only plausible explanation as to why you are not surviving nearly as well is because of the lesser Engineering capability. Regardless, the fact is that you're still putting out a lot better than a cruiser in almost every imaginable way. In a match as an Engineer with a Star Cruiser purely specced towards healing and support, I wound up with 800k heals against 1.1 mil heals from a Tactical captain flying an Atrox, and did less damage to boot. I died once, but the other guy didn't.

Furthermore, the Atrox can afford to make extensive use of Science debuffs, which not only helps your team, but also yourself. If you've flown cruisers for any period of time, you'll appreciate just how vulnerable cruisers are to being pushed around or stopped dead in their tracks.

Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Bitemepwe's point was that a huge change was asked for in regards to Federation cruisers, and to maintain parity the exact same change should be implemented for the KDF equivalent.
There was absolutely nothing in there about "well, the Feds get XYZQ and W, therefore all of that should be added to KDF ships".

Secondly, do you really want to defend the position that there's no science ship disparity when the only KDF science ship is one you have to drop twenty bucks on?
There's only about three science vessels that actually see regular use in PvP, primarily because the rest are trash. One of them is a lockbox ship, and the other two you have to pay for. Again, the KDF aren't missing out on a lot there, and are arguably in a better position to use some science abilities.

I'm asking for a significant change to the function of Federation cruisers because I feel that at present, their specifications are far too restrictive and are becoming obsolete with changes to overall gameplay and fresh content additions. There's simply too much of a single-minded focus on Engineering, which isn't really good at anything but self-buffing and repair support. Building for damage is possible, but very tricky; using non-healing sci abilities are almost never an option. Escorts and science vessels are not nearly as inflexible cruisers are in this respect, and even KDF battlecruisers are slightly better off there than Federation cruisers.

That's why I suggest replacing some specialized slots on Federation cruisers with a Universal Console slot and two Universal BOff stations, along with an increase in turn rate. They will retain their Cmdr Eng station and require at least two BOff stations to be a set specialization, but two other stations would be changed over to either two Lts or one Lt Cmdr and one Ens.