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Originally Posted by cichicichi View Post
Totally retarded is to whine about having to pay for a game. You;re free to play whichever game you want, where you'd enjoy happily and freely the work of the developers. I bet no one will miss you so ...sayonara!

I am quite not pleased at the fact that there are no high top quality items/gear in this game. One should be able to get a very rare and also powerful piece of equipment by finishing an ultimate crafting recipe, spending pvp/pve currency or by reward from indeed Elite pve missions (not the joke Elite is presently). I even find it stupid not to give the lifers a very strong ship, like Chimera should have been. They paid for the game, they're lifers, they do deserve something in return.

Even so, one can get any ship in game by simply playing it and exchanging dilithium for credits/zen. JHAS is "OP" as compared to others? Well, it should be and that is why it is pricey on the market. Temporal sci destroyer seems also "OP"? (i find this laughable but oh ...well) It costs 800 lobis. It should be better than any average ship. And the reasoning goes on.
Elite Fleet shields/KDF Fleet weapons aren't "high top quality items"? Very rare Doffs that come from $ packs aren't OP by design? At least you admit there are ships that are OP by design.

F2P or not steep power creep is bad for the game. Little if any mgt concern is given to balance and most of the Dev time is spent on creating the next OP power creep item and the means to obtain said items. The power creep also discourages new PvPers since they start w/such a large handicap in matches. New players pick up bad habits by not learning core gameplay mechanics b/c there is so much power creep (that and PvE generally is very easy).

Fyi, the KDF Vet ship is a very good ship. The Fed version isn't bad, but Fedside generates more revenue so it has been surpassed by the Fedside power creep. This is another issue, the imbalance between factions in terms of power creep.

Exactly, how is this a fun paradigm?