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Originally Posted by akurie666 View Post
Not exactly. Wow has 10-25 player raid dungeons of giant scale and difficulty. Why do we not have something similar? I don't like that people do not have to increase their skill to obtain the most powerfull gear and that a person with little understanding of the game, in time, can have MK 12 OMEGA and so on. Those items should be reserved for the most skilled players and earned through the most intense raids.
What is there for players who seek challenge besides pvp which is limited in game modes? Where are our epic boss fights with fat loot drops for the most skilled players? When will we truely seperate the men from the boys in PVE?
This is not WoW.

If I wanted to play WoW I would.

Finally they have created No Win Scenario which pretty much requires a premade to win and Hive Space Elite. Granted neither are truly difficult when you have the right group but then again....

All supposedly difficult WoW content is merely a gear check and I for one despise gear checks.

Do. Not. Want.

Lastly the one great thing about the good post WoW games is that they focus on the player(s) of the group doing the right thing. Letting a singular really good player swing the tide and make all the difference in the encounter.

WoW fights are all about not doing the wrong thing. Don't stand here, don't do this don't do that. Another thing I find annoying.

Seriously dude you can either rail against the intended casual focused design of this game all you want. It is not going to change. They would rather cater to the hundreds of thousands of casual paying customers than the handful of 'elitist' seekers such as yourself.

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