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03-28-2013, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Why does he have to use only beams? My Sci ship uses torpedoes...
oh sorry, no I meant use only beams as energy weapons, some science ships can use cannons now.

It's because beams are nowhere near as effective and if that were the case in canon then the entire show would have every fed ship in cannon style weapons, if beams were really this bad they would not be standard Fed issue weapons. That's the point I was making. Adding to that the nerfed into oblivion science skills making it a pain to play. Battle scenarios that last entirely too long because instead of fixing the buff problems they nerfed the science captains in science ships.

He should be thankful they made this ability non-canon because it was supposed to knock systems offline.
MMO's of 2014 where normal gameplay is considered an exploit and the eastern billing model is celebrated by apologists. smh