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Originally Posted by akurie666 View Post
Sounds like the ranting of someone who fell behind once upon a time and never gained the skill to catch back up. If you're jealous of someone elses hard earned loot you should man up instead of having the DEVs ruin what all other games have, an 'end game' with rewards for the most skilled players.
Sounds like the rantings of someone who needs to have better shinies in a video game than others to feel superior in some way.

If you are jealous of the players in this game having the same exact gear as you why don't you simply man up, dump a few hundred bucks into the game and get yourself a Bug Ship eh? Maybe that will help out the Epeen problem you seem to have.

Or you could simply find a way to fill that psychological need outside of a video game. Nah that won't happen so why don't you go play a game that does require actual skill such as a MOBA and ride your way to the top of the ladders and form a professional team to compete at real events against real humans instead of scripted NPCs that only require you to have the proper gear to kill.
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