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03-28-2013, 11:47 AM
I am perfectly willing to concede that I just haven't found the magic build or skillset, if one can be produced. People all the time say that things I witness are impossible and I just have to shake my head. If there is somebody running a super beam build they must feel the same way I do then.

I run parses all the time. The only time ACT isn't running is when I first get a new ship and I want to just enjoy the feel rather then obseess over numbers and then go back to my top performer, or when I first wake up and just don't want to see the flaws in my flying =P

I haven't seen any beam build that myself or somebody else flew that I didn't the whole time in the back of my head say, "You know, single cannons and turrets would have made that even better."

I keep searching. If I find it I will announce it. Till then I say junk the beams, get some cannons and pwn.

Edit: Full time EP2W... Done it.. Do it.. Still more effective with cannons. Thats the point. If beams can do it, cannons do it and do it better.
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