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03-28-2013, 02:26 PM
the problem is, that shield strippers are pretty useless in STFs. most of the valuable targets dont have shields, or they have so much shields that it wont make any difference whether you are a shield stripper or not, because those enemies would be attacked by multiple players at the same time.
this might not apply in HSE and NWS, but in the rest of the PVEs, this can be a general statement (tho I am not saying it is not viable, it is just not the most useful thing ever)

the scorpions as devices are not great as they are not easy to get (I mean it takes way too long ) and you cant control them.
you should have GW3 if possible, and instead of TBR (as stated above, it is not that great, and more circumstantial than GW), just get another GW. yeah the loading time is still a lot, but it is better, and it is nice to spam it around.
if you have two GWs, you are set for CC, so CSV is better than CRF, even if DPS wise the latter might give better numbers (tho CSV would give more defense against high yield torps, if your GW or pets would not catch them)

I suggest you try running with disruptors full weapon power, and the rest of the power should go to aux. TSS and HE (you might want two of these too, since they are the best heals in the game) should keep you alive for long (and if all else fails RSP)
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