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03-28-2013, 01:26 PM
While I'd love to see some more challenging content, I don't think the current game mechanics could handle anything we had/have in WoW (or games like it). There is far less control over the character, less complexity, cooldowns on abilities are to long, no real healing or tanking mechanics, current lack of "classic" healer/tank/dd setups, lag (which automatically happens when you got servers sitting on the other side of the globe), no item-progression or progression-reset etc...

They'd probably have to make some drastic changes to the game itself to make it possible to include anything harder than the hive or ground eSTFs, which would pose the question to them if it's worth it.

Would it make sense (a.k.a. be more profitable) for cryptic to put their limited rescources and money into a high-end raiding system, which might only be enjoyed by a fraction of their paying customer base? Or should they rather focus on some of the existing missing features, which probably appeal to a larger, more casual crowd? (e.g. finishing Klingon content, revamp the PvP-system, third faction etc...). My guess is that Cryptic has far to few rescources to be able to work on everything at the same time, unlike a behemoth like Blizzard.